About us

Family company, doing the things we love Since 1983. If you like to bike, hike or surf, look no further! 


Iceland Activities is a local family company that has extensive experience, over 25 years, of the surrounding volcanic area of Hveragerdi. Our tours have a long history where Andrés and Steinunn have been traveling with their kids Úlfar and Sólveig, over the Hengill volcanic area since they were born, creating tours that suits all level of fitness from families with young children to pro athletes. We specialize in tours and activities exclusively in the Hengill Geothermal area, famous for its natural hot   springs. As well as surfing on south Iceland´s black sand beaches.

Our goal is to take you out of the main tourist areas and into our most favorite places, that we have been traveling to since 1983 and show you unique Icelandic nature. We offer various tours ranging from two hours up to a day trip. We have child-sized bikes, activities and tours to suit the youngest members of your group.

Iceland Activities is located in Hveragerdi, the Icelandic capital of hot springs. Hveragerdi is 38 km east of the capital Reykjavík (30 minutes drive).       

– Food and drinks are included in all tours.         

– Personal service for big and small groups.

– We take a lot of pictures and share them with you after the tour.

– We specialize in having small groups so your experience will be better.


Hike and Bike Tours

Healthy and fun way to explore Hveragerði, Hengill geothermal area and the volcanic surroundings with experienced guides. The area is famous for hot springs and multiple contrast lava formations in untouched nature. You will witness nature’s extremes, ranging from small gurgling hot springs to vibrant super heated pools of water and steam. You will see old volcanic craters, historical places and perhaps end the day trip by taking a dip into a geothermal river and enjoy the sounds of nature in magnificent mountain environment. 




Battle the waves and watch the curious seals swim by in the North Atlantic ocean. 10 km long black sandy beach with great waves, it is a fantastic chilling experience.

       for beginners and experienced surfers


Bike rental

Explore Hveragerði and its near surroundings on your own time and pace. This is a unique way to travel Icelands.                                           


Group Activities

We offer fun games for small and big groups. Where the group is divided up to work together and solve challenges to defeat the opponent. The day will end by swinging over a waterfall in a monkey swing or some rock gliding/climbing.