North Atlantic adventure, surf on Icelands south coast, a 10 km long strip with great waves and black sandy beaches. A fantastic chilling experience, battle the waves and watch the curious seals swim by.

We offer beginners and those who surf a chance to surf on Icelandic coast, by teaching and providing equipment.

Departure every day depending on orders and surfforcast

Price: 18.900 ISK

(includes  a teacher,pick-up, lunch and equipment )

Duration of trip: Half day

bls 4 surf (4) bls 4 surf (2) Surf Iceland Activties.merkt.


One response

  1. Josh

    Hi! Going to be visiting from California for a few days in March. Was wondering how the surf is in March and what would be the best way to score some waves. I am and advanced surfer, but will not be able to bring any of my own gear. If you have some tips or advice that would be great!


    17.1.2012 at 6:00 pm

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